Payroll - Terminations, Appointed Staff


Termination Procedures:

Employee and Supervisor both complete checklists (see Useful Links below). This includes items such as turning in keys, equipment, filling out timesheets or ePTO calendar, forwarding address, etc.

Termination edoc is submitted

- Full-time employees should provide a letter of resignation which is attached to the edoc.

- Termination edoc should be processed timely and prior to the effective date of the termination to ensure the employee receives information regarding COBRA continuation coverage.

- Please remember to terminate your 10-month appointees who will not be returning timely as well.

Once a termination edoc for an employee has been processed

- an Adjustment Voucher needs to be processed to generate pay for the employee’s last check which includes unused leave balances,

- insurance stops for the employee on the last day of employment,

- UHR will send eligible employees information to sign up for COBRA continuation coverage,

- email for the terminated employees stops within two weeks (Those with retiree status will be allowed to keep their email accounts),

- access to University systems (KFS, HRMS, SIS, etc.) stops,

- parking permits must be returned to Parking Operations or vehicle can be towed,

- department should remove terminated employee from any system routings, servers, and department-specific systems access, and

- departments should update University Phone Directory, Org Chart, email listserves, and website contact information.

Questions: Contact your Payroll Processor (see Excel sheet).

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