Payroll - Reminders for New Academic Year



- If you are hiring someone that is already working at IU in another department, it is not necessary to collect new tax forms. They may complete forms at any time to change their tax status by updating their federal tax information using OneIU.

- Current employees do not need to complete new direct deposit authorizations if they have already completed that process and have no changes to their information. If they have completed forms in any department, it will apply to all wages the employee receives. Employees should complete new forms if their banking information has changed over the summer. Employees may also sign up or make changes to direct deposit through OneIU via Employee Center.

- See Direct Deposit and Paycards

- Direct Deposit is mandatory for all IU employees. If you do not sign up for direct deposit, IU will issue you a paycard prior to your third paycheck. You must present a photo ID in Poplars 527 (or your campus payroll office) to collect your paycard. Follow these instructions to set up Direct Deposit. Note: you may enroll in Direct Deposit too close to payday for Direct Deposit to take effect for that paycheck. In that case, you will receive an email asking you to pick up your paycheck in Poplars 527 (or your campus payroll office). You must present a photo ID to collect your paycheck.

It would save payroll considerable time and speed up the data entry process if you could do the following:

- On the W-4 federal withholding form, we only need the actual form at the bottom. Please trim off the top instruction/worksheet portion and staple both the federal and state (WH-4) forms together. Be sure to use the correct federal forms and pay attention to the year required. You should destroy any old forms you have in your office. New forms can be ordered on-line or single forms can be printed on the Forms Page of the Office of the Controller.

- Your tax forms are populated with default settings. New employees can change the default information by clicking on the Payroll & Tax icon in the Employee Center. New employees should review and, if necessary, edit their W-4 and WH-4 tax forms. Follow these instructions to learn more about accessing and editing tax forms at IU.

Questions: Contact your Payroll Processor.

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