Payroll - New Hire


In accordance with IU Background Checks policy, background checks for new and rehired candidates must be successfully completed before the candidate can begin working in a staff/temporary position at the University. See Background Check Charges activity for details.

A New Hire is a person who does not have a current job at IU. After a prospective employee has been:

  • considered for a position,
  • employment offer extended,
  • employment offer accepted,
  • and I-9, E-Verify, and Criminal Background Check has been processed,

then we can begin the New Hire Process.

New Hire Process:

Begin a New Hire by accessing One.IU(search for Human Resources Management System or HRMS and add it to your Favorites for easy access) and then:

  • Choose “Add New Person” edoc.
  • As per the new University-wide Parking system when a new employee is hired (any type – academic, staff, or temporary), departments will be required to populate the “Campus Location Code” field (part of the IU Office Address) on the Add Person HR E-Doc. This field is required and users will only be able to select from a drop-down list of valid values (BL, CO, EA, FW, IN, KO, NW, SB and SE).
  • If the prospective employee is found on the system then a “Maintain Person” edoc should be updated. Example: An ex-employee left IU and comes back with a different name, address, etc.
  • Departments should also update the IU Office address and specifically the “Campus Location Code” value via a Maintain Person HR E-Doc for cases in which an employee being “rehired” and the current value for this field is incorrect or an active employee who stays in their position but their work necessitates a different campus location code and parking permit

Note: Anyone re-hired at IU needs an I-9 completed as well.

When the New Hire is “International”:

  • “Add New Person” Edoc. It routes to Office of International Services for assignment of University ID Number.
  • Can be hired without a Social Security Number (SSN), but will need documentation to take to the Social Security Office to apply for a SSN.
    Note: Please be aware that on the start of the academic year there usually is a large volume due to student academic and temporary hires.

Hire Edoc Routing:

This process takes time because multiple offices must approve. It begins with “Initiate Hire” edoc and then routes to:

  • Personnel Approver
  • Fiscal Approver
  • RC Approver (optional)
  • Campus Finance
  • Academic Personnel or
  • University Human Resources
    Note: It might not route to all these offices.

Approved Hire Edoc:

After Hire Edoc routing has been final and approved, at this stage the new hire will receive instructions from HR at the email address provided on how to:

  • create a computing account (username and passphrase)
  • complete direct deposit, W-4, WH-4, and electronic W-2 consent, and how to enroll in benefits, etc.
    Note: SeePaperless New Hire Procedures for new hire process.

It is at this point when departments can set up computer and system access after a username is established. Timesheet or ePTO calendar is created based upon the employee’s position.

Once you have received the new employee’s University ID Number you can:

  • Create a “Hire Employee” edoc (see HRMS on One.IU)
  • Create a letter so the employee can get a parking permit.
  • Start paperwork for International employees so that they may obtain necessary work permits.
    Note: Employees who are hired in the middle of a pay period should show up on the voucher at a partial rate. Please verify the calculated amount is right.

Questions? Contact your Office of the Controller’s Payroll Processor.

Position Types

  • Bi-weekly employees: Support Staff and PAO (professional overtime eligible)
  • Monthly employees: PAE (professional exempt)
  • Temporary: Formerly known as “Hourly”

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