Check Requests

Related Forms

  • Check Requests - check request form found on Buy.IU
    Go to One.IU dashboard, search for Buy.IU and make it your favorite.
  • Payee Certification

    Use the Payee Certification form with the Honoraria/Guest Speakers or Payment to Research Participant forms. This completed form acts as substantiation documentation when more formal documentation, such as an invoice or consent form, is not available.


Use the Check Request option contained in the Buy.IU to pay for services such as artist fees, guest speakers, and honoraria. See list of DV Payment Reason Code vs Check Request.

For Honoraria/Guest Speakers, you should only use the following object code(s) on the resulting requisition: 4535

In order to Reimburse for Out of Pocket Expenses use ChromeRiver.

Self-Govern Student Organization Accounts (SGSO)

In the meantime, please view the CATS presentation ‘SOA Update’ (April 25, 2019).


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