Self-Govern Student Organizations (SGSO)


Providing financial support to Self-Govern Student Organizations:

  • Unit/departmental payments to Self-Govern Student Organizations (SGSO) for support must be reasonable under the circumstances and must be processed through BUY.IU
  • Departments are not to use the IU purchasing system to buy items on behalf of the SGSO. The system should only be used to provide funds in support of the organization
  • Confirm with the SGSO their BUY.IU supplier ACH is correct and active prior to processing payment, since ACH disbursement is standard procedure
  • To request funds to support a Self-Governed Student Organization, submit a BUY.IU Check Request Form: Prizes, Honors, and Non-IU Student Awards
  • Use object code 4880
  • If the SGSO is not already a “supplier” in BUY.IU you will have to manually add the supplier. The SGSO will receive an email to complete the supplier registration
  • Complete the Check Request
  • Upload the SGSO Financial Support Certification form as the substantiation documentation


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