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Location – Budget Construction Selection Screen, org report/dump, use the Organization Sub-Tree and the Action arrows to locate your school/org.

List 2Plg – 2plg is a mechanism that temporarily keeps the account’s budget in balance during salary setting. Open the account(s) and determine if you need to adjust the budget, and then delete the 2plg entry. All plg entries must be deleted prior to the RC being pulled up by the campus.

Payroll Synchronization Problems – this report reflects instances where information in PeopleSoft no longer agrees with the information in Budget Construction. Example: A Maintain Position E-doc processed which changed an attribute of a position already budgeted in BC.

Power BI - BC Edit Checks - Comp and Non-Comp

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Planned Use of Reserves and Budget Narrative

Planned Use of Reserves and Budget Narrative

Our primary focus in budget development is the responsible stewardship of IU’s resources. Each unit is accountable for how they allocate funds, and decisions should be guided by a continued spotlight on strengthening the student experience, including affordability, and investing in strategies that foster excellence in our core missions of teaching, research, and service.

The FY 2024 budget narrative:

• Should consider all funds (GF/DS/RF/AE).

• Should be submitted as a word document.

• Should include responses to topics in the same order as listed.

Please include the following:

a. Overview your unit’s fiscal health

What strategic initiative(s) are planned for FY 2024 and reflected in your proposed operating budget? Will these initiatives require a significant use of reserves?

b. Planned investments that were removed due to financial constraints

Are there concerns with the ability to maintain a balanced budget and fund strategic priorities going forward?

c. Summary of financial impacts resulting from changes in operating revenue

Anything financially concerning? What are the primary drivers for those concerns (enrollment declines, operating expense growth, commitments, etc.)? What steps have been taken to mitigate financial pressures resulting from reductions in revenue and growth in expenses.

d. Enrollment Outlook (Academic Units)

Provide a summary of your unit’s enrollment outlook as reflected in the FY 2024 operating budget.

a. If growth is projected, provide level of enrollment impacted (e.g., undergraduate, graduate, or professional).
b. If decreases are projected, provide level of enrollment impacted (e.g., undergraduate, graduate, or professional). What are the plans to mitigate the decrease (decrease expenses) or future enrollment plans?
c. What are the primary factors contributing to these trends? Does online enrollment play a factor? If yes, what is the impact?


e. Reduction/Reallocation Summary

Identify opportunities to reduce and reallocate budgets. Please describe opportunities for efficiency, resource reallocations, and cost reductions. How were budget savings achieved and what are the planned uses of those funds?

f. Utilization of Foundation Funds

An effort should be made to increase the utilization of foundation funds. Please outline budgeted and projected spend for FY 2024.

g. Compensation policy

Provide an overview of the implementation of the campus salary policy. Please include average percentage increases for faculty and staff. Please describe any increases/decreases in FTE expected for FY 2024?

h. Planned Uses of Reserves

Provide a list of your current FY 2023 Planned Uses of Reserves and FY 2024 Planned Uses of Reserves.