General Funds Only

1. Unbudgeted Income—Instructional RCs

DO NOT CHANGE income on the General Fund. Your 2024 budget must correspond to the income reflected on your RC Allocation Sheet. Allocation Sheets will be loaded to your RC specific FY 2024 Budget Construction folder in the TEAM Folder: [Sec] BL-FAB-Shared Documents. UBO has uploaded Incidental Income (Inc-Inc) to budget construction. The campus will upload the remaining income for general funds. Individual Units/RCs should not change income; this includes transfers in budgeted in Inc-Inc. Use of unanticipated and unbudgeted income received during the year will not be permitted without prior discussion with the Office of Finance, Administration & Budget. Please direct questions to

2. Budgeting the Use of Reserves (Fund Balances)

Units will be requested to provide details regarding reserve funding. If negative reserves are built into the budget, additional information will be requested regarding coverage by year-end FY 2024. Provide details with your narrative. For guidance on budgeting reserves see links to AFB practices under ABF Policy Index for “Budgeting Unallocated Funds” and “Budgeting Operating Surplus/Build-Up of Reserves and Deficit/Use of Reserves.”