Academic & Staff

1. Academic Salary Minima

Faculty salary minima shall follow the campus salary guidelines in determining what the average salary increase should be. Although subject to change, amounts reflected below remain flat from FY 2023 EXCEPT for the minimum for Postdocs which will be raised to 45K. If there are recommended changes from the Bloomington Faculty Council, updates will be sent to units.

Faculty salary minima
Level codePositionSalary/months
FT1/LT1Full Professor/Librarian$64,191/10
FT2/LT2Associate Professor/Librarian$52,500/10
FT3/LT3Assistant Professor/Librarian$41,814/10
FLXInstructor/Affiliate Librarian/Lecturer$38,876/10
RSP/RSXPostdoc Fellow and Research Fellow$45,000/12
RSS/UASResearch Associate and Academic Specialist$37,370/12

2. Vacant Positions—All Fund Groups except Contract & Grant

Vacant Positions: Vacancies create an opportunity to examine your unit’s operational needs. If positions are not going to be filled in the near future, you should delete that position and reallocate base funds to meet other priority needs. Note: Deleting the record in budget construction only removes funding. The position is still “active” until a Maintain Position e-doc is processed to change its status. If you have any questions, please contact Patti Quimby

Budgeting Vacant Positions: Vacant positions must be budgeted with the desired amount for a planned future hire, otherwise, the minimum amount for that vacancy rank is to be budgeted.

3. Split Appointment—All Fund Groups

When budgeting salaries for employees who are split funded between accounts, Responsibility Centers, and/or Campuses:

To ensure everyone has the same understanding, contact the appropriate individuals to discuss the distribution of salary and funding percentages for shared employees. This open communication will improve the accuracy of the salary submission and reduce the need for campus follow-up. A new feature available in KFS allows view only access of the other portion of a split employee’s salary and percent of funding. We trust the ability to view this information will be a valuable tool for users during the salary setting process. View “New View/Report Functionality”.

When entering the salary request and percent, the amounts entered must mathematically agree based on the total salary/FTE for the employee on each account.

The Total Intended field can be used as a communication tool between RC’s for split-funded employees to reflect the proposed annual salary and FTE. The field can also be used for those employees whose total funding will be budgeted less than 100%.

Note: Because an employee’s benefits can be affected when their appointment drops below 100%, please contact the appropriate Human Resource office if additional guidance is needed.

Questions can be directed to Patti Quimby

4. Strategic Hiring Program—General Fund Only

Strategic Hires base funding for FY 2024 will be provided post-July 1, 2023. Please indicate on the hiring e-doc, in the notes section that the hire is part of the Strategic Hiring Program. During budget construction, budget the amount you expect to receive from the campus, using object code 2003 and create a sub-object code that identifies the employee OR use a generic sub-object of STR for Strategic Hire funding.