Split Appointments - All Funds Group - BC*


FY 23-24

Split Appointments - All Funds Group

When budgeting salaries for employees who are split funded between accounts, Responsibility Centers, and/or Campuses:

To ensure everyone has the same understanding, contact the appropriate individuals to discuss the distribution of salary and funding percentages for shared employees. This open communication will improve the accuracy of the salary submission and reduce the need for campus follow-up. A new feature available in KFS allows view only access of the other portion of a split employee’s salary and percent of funding. We trust the ability to view this information will be a valuable tool for users during the salary setting process. View “New View/Report Functionality”.

When entering the salary request and percent, the amounts entered must mathematically agree based on the total salary/FTE for the employee on each account.

The Total Intended field can be used as a communication tool between RC’s for split-funded employees to reflect the proposed annual salary and FTE. The field can also be used for those employees whose total funding will be budgeted less than 100%.

Note: Because an employee’s benefits can be affected when their appointment drops below 100%, please contact the appropriate Human Resource office if additional guidance is needed.

Questions can be directed to Patti Quimby (pquimby@iu.edu).

*Budget Construction