Software Purchase Approval Process (SSSP) - Purchasing

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  • Software & Services Selection Process

    The process is designed to provide the necessary resources for departments to select solutions to meet their needs, to ensure that departments use existing IU software and services whenever possible, and to minimize threats to IU data.

    The process is used for requesting information technology software and/or services related to the use of any software, storage, or applications intended for creating, processing, storing, securing, or exchange of electronic data.


The process to purchase and/or renew software or software services requires approval PRIOR to purchase. This approval applies to all purchases or renewals regardless of payment method (Purchase Order, P-card, etc.). Anything purchased from UITS and/or IUWare would not apply.

Before submitting the Software and Services Selection Process (SSSP) form, please review the corresponding Knowledge Base document About the Software and Services Selection Process (SSSP) and discuss the purchase with your local UITS support person.

After the form is submitted, the request will undergo one or more reviews resulting in approval or denial of the purchase. Communication of the review decision is provided to the submitter, the UITS support person indicated on the form, and Purchasing.

For questions, please contact the Technology and Software Team or call 812-855-3720, option 2.