Salary and Benefits: Salary Minima Academic - BC*


FY 21-22

Academic Salary Minima (no change from PY)
Faculty salary minima shall follow the campus salary guidelines in determining what the average salary increase should be. Amounts reflected below remain flat from FY21 but are subject to change. If there are recommended changes from the Bloomington Faculty Council, updates will be sent to units.

T1/LT1Full Professor/Librarian$64,191/10
FT2/LT2Associate Professor/Librarian$52,500/10
FT3/LT3Assistant Professor/Librarian$41,814/10
FLXInstructor/Affiliate Librarian/Lecturer$38,876/10
RSP/RSXPostdoc Fellow and Research Fellow$40,400/12
RSS/UASResearch Associate and Academic Specialist$37,370/12

*Budget Construction