Revenue Producing Activity


Must be consistent with the mission of the University and the mission of the specific organization.

Applies to internal and external sales activities.

Definition of revenue producing activities (RPA) – Revenue is generated from sale of products and/or services provided by the University or University employees.

Excludes all sponsored programs.

External sales – An exchange by the University of tangible or intangible products and/or services with external customers for monetary consideration. Does not pay for the goods or services from an IU account.

Sales revenue may exceed expenses. Excludes – technology transfer, license and trademark agreements.

Internal sales – The sale of goods or services by one University department to another department within the University and to sales within a department. Limited to break-even basis. Transactions use:

Internal/Service Billing or batch process.

Must be approved by campus business officer.

Revenues produced must remain in University accounts and use appropriate object codes.

Governed by Indiana State Law and University Conflict of Interest Policy.

Refer to the Establishing and Modifying Revenue Producing Activities (RPA) policy for guidance on RC units student organizations revenue producing activities.


  • Schedule a preliminary review meeting/discussion with the campus business officer before commencing with the following steps in establishing an RPA account;
  • Complete an RPA Questionnaire;
  • Create a business plan;
  • If a recharge center, prepare a schedule of rate calculations for the operation;
  • Submit the questionnaire, business plan, completed Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement, if applicable, and any supporting paperwork to the campus business officer for approval.


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