PeopleSoft TAM


PeopleSoft TAM (Talent Acquisition Manager) is up and running.

IU Human Resources is offering training sessions.

Below you will find links to training videos that have been created in Kaltura. They range from how to clear your cache for PeopleSoft TAM to how to create a Job Opening (JO), from how to Approve a JO to how to check the status of pending openings.

Please take the time to watch the videos when you can. You are welcome to share this link.

To Fiscal Officers: On the video for Initiators, it shows the quick and easy way to initiate a Job Opening (JO). If you want to have them do more than that fill in posting info, add job funding, etc. you will need to instruct them on how to do it, or simply let them view some of the additional videos.

More videos may be added a later date, ex. approved JO all the way through to rejecting candidates, making offers and closing out your JO’s when someone has been hired.

We appreciate any feedback or comments that you have on the videos themselves. Please email Tom McMahon, or call (812) 856-7174.