Payroll - Timesheets


Biweekly employees record work hours, time off work, edit hours worked, and view past hours worked. Whereas Temporary (formerly “Hourly”) employees can only record hours worked. The electronic timesheet system used for both biweekly and temporary is called “Kuali Time”.

Biweekly: Support Staff and Professional Overtime (PAO) record time manually. The recording method for Support Staff and Professional Overtime is based upon the campus.

For example, Bloomington Support Staff manually add hours to their timesheets whereas Indianapolis Support Staff clock in/out for their shifts.

For appointed Biweekly Staff positions, each campus made independent decisions about whether these employees would record hours worked by entering the blocks of time manually (asynchronous/manual entry) or using the synchronous clock-entry method.

Temporary: Temporary, Student Temporary, and Work Study record time by clocking in and out for shifts.

Payroll Vouchers -

Bi-weekly and Temporary employee vouchers come out every two weeks. Bi-weekly vouchers receive data from timesheets.

The vouchers need to be checked on each payroll to make sure that the information is correct.

At the end of a pay period (2 weeks) Timesheets route first to the Supervisor, then Payroll Processor, and finally Timesheet loads to vouchers.

There is a deadline to approve Timesheets. Emails with reminders are sent to Supervisors and Payroll Processors.

If approvals are not accomplished on time it goes to Auto-Approve which poses an Audit Risk.

Employees who are hired in the middle of a pay period should show up on the voucher at partial hours. Please verify the calculated amount is right.

After vouchers are verified and closed, funds are direct deposited.

Every other Friday employees may check their paycheck amount in the Employee Center located in One.IU.

Note: You may want to send to employees the link to the Payroll Calendar and the Payroll Resources to get acquainted with payroll dates and procedures.

Please contact your Payroll Processor for questions.

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