Payroll - ePTO Calendar


ePTO is an electronic calendar system intended to be used by Monthly Staff employees (PAE - Professional Exempt) to record time-off only.

  • Administrators receive e-mails of time off without pay.
  • Unlike timesheets, ePTO calendars do not update vouchers.
  • It is advisable to send email to monthly staff asking to please submit last month calendar.


  • Monthly employees receive paychecks the last weekday of the month.
    Example: December’s paycheck pays the first non-holiday weekday in January. Then January’s paycheck is received the last weekday of the month.
  • Direct employees to the Employee Center on One.IU to track down their paycheck amount.


  • See the Human Resources ePTO User Guide for supervisors on how to approve and make changes to calendars when necessary.

Questions? Contact your Payroll Processor.