Lost or Stolen Card, Disputes


Steps to follow when reporting a lost or stolen P-Card:

  • Immediately contact US Bank Fraud Prevention, available 24 hours a day: at 1-800-523-9078 (if traveling internationally, call collect 1-701-461-2010).
  • Submit a Support Form so your P-Card account profile can be re-established and a new replacement plastic can be ordered.
  • Notify Risk Management at 812-855-9758 and your campus Police Department.
  • A replacement card will be reissued upon report of the lost or stolen card to US Bank. (NO PAPERWORK REQUIRED). This may take 2-3 business days and will be delivered to the billing address on file.
  • Activate the replacement P-Card upon receipt.
  • The cardholder should continue to monitor account until all transactions have been reconciled.
  • Change the password on all e-commerce websites in which the P-Card is entered as a payment method.
  • If a lost/stolen P-Card is later found, destroy the card immediately. The card is not functional after being flagged stolen or a new replacement card has been issued.

It is the responsibility of the cardholder or the department head to report a lost or stolen P-Card immediately to US Bank Fraud Prevention.


If a merchant charged for damaged merchandise, incorrect shipments, or sales tax then it is the cardholder's responsibility to obtain credit from the merchant. The merchant should be notified of the issue as soon as possible and begin a resolution. Once the credit/refund is received, print a copy of the P-Card Document (PCDO) in KFS. Attach the PCDO to the P-Card statement where the credit appears. Documenting the credit in this manner meets guidelines suggested by Internal Audit.

If the above process does not resolve the issue then a dispute should be initiated. There is a 60-day period in which to file disputes with US Bank. Disputes filed later than 60 days from the date of the cardholder statement may not be considered. Disputes should be discussed first with the merchant and should be referred to US Bank only after attempts to resolve the matter with the merchant have failed. US Bank will require the cardholder to fill out an on-line dispute form using Access Online or you may call US Bank Customer Service at 1-800-344-5696. A copy of the completed form should be attached to the monthly P-Card statement.

Submit a Support Form for assistance.

US Bank Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-344-5696