Hospitality Expenditures


Object Codes:

  • 4025 Hospitality
  • 4026 Conferences and Workshops when a registration fee is charged
  • 4027 Contract and Grant hospitality expenses
  • 4028 Student Activity Fee hospitality expenses
  • 4868 Promotional Items

For Promotional Items:
Hospitality should be budgeted as a separate line item.

For Events Open to the Public: See Temporary Event Food Service Program (Protect IU’s Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS).)

See list of Pre-approved Alcohol and/or Food Vendors from INLOCC.

Important Tips:

  • Keep your receipts!
  • When entertaining at restaurants you may want to ask for separate receipts for alcohol.
  • Paying musical performers (individuals or groups) it’s NOT hospitality. Please use object code 4519, do not use object code 4025. We need to make sure 4519 is used to capture this expense due to taxable income for the performers.

Mandatory reporting under HLOGA:
HLOGA stands for “Honest Leadership and Open Government Act” of 2007. Please see policy “Hospitality Expenditures, FIN-ACC-50” for HLOGA information and procedures.

When inviting a government official, please enter a request for approval through Government Guest Request on MyFi (aka as “MyFinances” a shared Budgetary Administration and UA Sharepoint system). You will receive a notification indicating whether your guest is a covered employee and therefore expenses will need to be treated differently or if you are free to plan and pay as you wish.


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