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Expediting a Supplier Payment

View the CATS presentation 'Expediting a Supplier Payment' document below for reference.

UPS Process:

Please use our contracted and preferred shipping partner, UPS. UPS has very low negotiated rates with an excellent and prompt customer service. Purchasing has the ability to view shipping and invoice history. As a contracted supplier, these are just a few of the advantages we have as a result of our partnership with UPS. Contact Purchasing Administrator for UPS for questions.

If your department does not have a UPS account and you wish to request one, please contact Misty Millis to assist with the creation of all new accounts.

FedEx Process (as of March, 2020):

If you are unable to utilize our contracted and preferred shipping partner UPS, you are still able to use FedEx for shipping, but you will need to use one of the following methods:

1) For one-time FedEx shipments, the P-Card is the preferred payment method

2) For multiple FedEx shipments, a recurring purchase order should be initiated in BUY.IU by 2/19/21

Please create the PO number PRIOR to completing the request for shipment on FedEx’s website. The PO number must be entered in the reference field in the Billing Details section when completing the shipping request. FedEx invoices will still be processed centrally, but you need a PO number and account number so that IU Accounts Payable knows which departmental account to charge for each FedEx shipment.

Please be sure to create the PO prior to the shipment to avoid the need for a confirming order.



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