IU Share System

IU Share

Efficiently manage your HR-related requests with IU Share

IU Share is a comprehensive system that collects business-related requests from users, including HR and Financial Transactions (the latter is still being developed). The system offers features like request filtering, processor grouping, and comment tracking.

The now available HR module simplifies the process of submitting HR-related requests, which are then handled by our Bloomington Shared Services processors. Our processors use relevant IU systems (such as HRMS, TAM, etc.) to complete the requests.

IU Share is not intended to replace other IU systems. Rather, these systems are utilized by our Bloomington Shared Services processors to fulfill your requests in a timely and efficient manner. 

All Orgs supported by Bloomington Shared Services are required to use IU Share to communicate their HR-related requests instead of MyFi.

Key Benefits of IU Share

This system retrieves data directly from IU sources, guaranteeing accuracy and saving time. It eliminates human error, ensuring reliable, up-to-date data. It streamlines communication and reduces confusion from non-standardized workflows on MyFi, significantly reducing the need for back-and-forth communications.

The System

The IU Share system was designed and built upon Microsoft Sharepoint, Dataverse, and connections to existing data sources through PowerApps, a Microsoft tool for custom application design.


Before being authorized to use IU Share, you must complete the required onboarding training.

Reach Out

We are confident that IU Share will provide you with a more efficient and effective way to submit your HR-related requests. Reach out to us for more information at iushare@iu.edu.